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Price does not drive sound quality. It’s a Hi-Fi Store followed this core philosophy... Many customers are often surprised by what they see at It’s a Hi-Fi Store and how affordable a Hi-Fi system can be. Before you even think about spending your hard earned money at a major box store or some "here-today-and-gone-tomorrow" internet store, It’s a Hi-Fi Store likely has the great sound you’re looking for at a very low prices. Please take a moment and browse our brands. Just like you, we took our time selecting these wonderful world-class brands to fulfill our core philosophy and goals, so please enjoy your exploration of the It’s a Hi-Fi Store offerings. Feel free to stop on in our store for a demonstration or to pick our brains. We’re here to help. Cheers!


Hi-Fi ['hifi]

noun 1. The reproduction of an effect that is very faithful to the original.

adjective 1. Of, used for, or relating to the reproduction of music or other sound with high fidelity.

Hi-Fi is the hallmark given to home audio systems which render a flat and accurate frequency response with minimal noise and distortion.

It’s a Hi-Fi Store is simply a place where someone can experience and purchase hi-fi audio equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, turntables, headphones and other items in the audio chain which make up a high fidelity audio system. The hi-fi audio chain is a long and highly complex series of components, parts, cables and peripheries which carries the audio signal from the source to speakers and out to our ears.

The staff at It’s a Hi-Fi Store are prepared with the knowledge and products to properly guide the audiophile along the audio chain from inducer to transducer, from science to application, and from form to function in pursuit of a fully engaged hi-fi system rich in enjoyment.

Let your passionate journey for high fidelity music and audio begin with It’s a Hi-Fi Store. Snohomish County’s little audio haven just 10 minutes north of Seattle.


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